Brand Competence is an independent consultancy for brand strategy and brand valuation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The consultancy was founded by Ferdy de Smeth in 1989. Ferdy is and economist and mass communication specialist by education.
Before starting his own consultancy he worked for more than 12 years in international advertising.

Brand Competence works for clients in several types of industries: Food, Fashion, Cars, Retail, Perfumes, etc.

NEW REPORT (October 2012):

The Dutch Top 100 corporate brands

In coopereation with Amsterdam market research firm Motivaction a new publication has been made by brand appraiser Ferdy de Smeth of Brand Competence. In order to make that Top 100 list Brand Competence implemented the Corporate valuation model. This model is a measurement tool designed to indicate the current value of the corporate name, expressed in money terms.

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