Brand Competence charges a fee for a brand valuation project which is based on brand/market combination. The fee of a brand valuation project consist of a flat fee of € 8.500 and a fee per brand/market combination of € 6.500.


Charges depend largely on the type of brand, the availability of marketing and financial data and the complexity of the market concerned. The additional work will be charged for the consulting fee of € 1.800 per day.

If a project covers more than three brand/market combinations, a special rate structure applies.

All charges are quoted in advance. The quotations are binding on Brand Competence, barring unforeseen complications or obstructions which were not specified when the quotation is compiled.

The costs of market research, assistance in such research by Brand Competence and/or accountants' fees are not included.

All charges are exclusive of VAT.



Brand Competence treats all information as strictly confidential. If required, this can be confirmed in writing.


Brand Competence will not reveal its clients' names to third parties without written permission.



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