Brand Strategy

A brand captures a product or service idea in the mind of your (potential) customer. It directs customers’ demand and therefor you control the market. A brand creates a sustainable competitive advantage. If managed well, it is a key value driver. That is why brands can be such valuable assets.


A brand may stand for a single product (like Tobasco), a product range (like Nivea), all products or services of a company (like Philips or American Express) or even an ‘ingredient’ of a product (like Intel). For each type of branding a different kind of strategy is necessary. And each strategy will compute a different brand value. Of course, management wants the highest value for all its stakeholders! Moreover, in our view the profitability and sustainability of brands is enhanced by companies’ ability to brand its competencies well enough.


So, developing a valuable brand strategy encompasses a process in which many different factors should be analyzed and brandposition & perspective must be formulated.


That’s a job for a specialist …..

                 … for Brand Competence!


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